Morning by Morning Ministries, is a US non-profit 501-c3.  We are Daniel and Rachel Martin.  We are the two main full time missionaries with Morning by Morning.  Also in our picture to the right is our 7 year old son Archer. He loves a fiesta, video games, traveling and playing outside.  Below is Paige Rios and her husband.  Paige is collaborating with us for the 2020 - 2021 school year.  Paige's husband Daniel is the principal and main teacher at a small independent school here in La Mision. If you would like information on how to support Paige apart from Morning by Morning Ministries you can check out our contact page for her information. 


We seek to enrich peoples lives though the gospel, and the arts. We currently live and serve in La Misión, Baja Mexico.  We teach at free day cares, a skill center, churches, orphanages, rehabs, a home for children removed from sexual exploitation and an organization for women at risk of human trafficking in the red light district of Tijuana. 

Our first endeavor is always to spread the Christian Gospel. We do this though our personal God-given gifts of teaching music, dance, art and theater. 

"Morning by Morning Ministries gives the children of our community life-changing experiences."

"Morning by Morning Ministries gives the children of our community life-changing experiences."

Our Teachers

I'm Daniel Martin, the guitar teacher!


Music has always been a part of my life.  I grew up with a musician father and music was always a big part of our life. After high school I attended Bible college and then missionary training school before coming to Mexico.  I continue to educate myself with online classes to keep current on music and music techniques.  I am also a few classes away from a counseling degree and should be finished by the end of 2021. 


I have been both lead singer and lead guitarist in different bands, currently play worship music in our church and perform live at various locations locally and in neighboring towns.  In my spare time I write music and lyrics and perform them online and for events.  In 2015 I started teaching beginning guitar classes and after a few years of work can now offer intermediate and advanced lessons as well.

Hi, I'm Rachel Martin the dance teacher!


I am a certified dance instructor with Dance Educators of America.  I owned and operated a dance school (that is still thriving under different direction) in the US for 12 years before coming to the mission field. During that time I choreographed and taught classes for local theater, schools, television commercials and a host of other community projects in addition to 6 major dance and theater shows a year.  I also have coached cheer leading on both the high school and elite level.  My dance and cheer leading students have placed in the top levels at multiple national dance and cheer leading competitions. 


I have been teaching dance for more than 25 years, and it is my passion. Ballet is my first love but I will often teach (and am certified in) jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop and tumbling. My youngest student is 5 and my oldest is 74, and I teach every age in between. 


I am currently a little over halfway to my degree in counseling and hope to be finished by the end of 2021. I am also a homemaker, and run the business end of our ministry here.  In the past year I have taken up ukulele and have one student here so I am dabbling in crossing over to the music side of things as well.

Hi there! I am Paige Rios. I am 26 years old and have lived in Baja for one year.


I fell in love with theater at a young age and have been following that dream since I was a young girl.  In high school I performed with our school show choir in many competitions and performances and sought out theater wherever I could find it. After high school I studied theater at Orange Coast Community College then at Biloa University where I did one semester in London England before graduating from Biola with my degree in theater in 2018. 


After college I worked in the film industry in Hollywood taking time out when I could to travel to many different countries, educating families who are high risk about the dangers of human trafficking and sharing the story of Jesus where it has never been heard. I have worked in youth ministry for 7 years.  In August of 2019 I started interning at Door of Faith Orphanage in La Misión. In May of 2020, I married my amazing husband Daniel, and we are excited to see how God can use us together!

Daniel is a school teacher for the children in the community that do not have access to "conventional" schooling.  Primarily his students are made up of children of farm workers.  He is passionate about education, patient with his students, and an amazing teacher.

You can support us financially through Promise Child.  The link for our specific donation page is here below.


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Morning by Morning Ministries, La Mision, Baja California, Mexico