Ministry Friends

There are many different ministries in our area, our goal is to not do the same thing as everyone else but, to come alongside those ministries and support or fill in the gaps.  While we minister primarily with the arts and counseling we listen to the needs of the community and our ministry reflects that.  Because we are a small ministry, and we have a very supportive board of directors, we are able to be flexible. That flexibility makes us able to effectively make a difference in peoples lives.  Sometimes it may be small like discipleship or bringing food to a rehab or giving a necessities bag to someone on the street.  Other times it might be bigger like bringing the community together though performances or playing music for a crowd. Below is a list of some of the ministries that we support and that support us and some that we just love. Click on any of the pictures to go to their web sites.

Rancho Hermosa Orphanage
Rancho Hermosa.jpg

Rancho La Hermosa is a really well run orphanage nestled in the hills of Primo Tapia.  This is one of the more recent places we started teaching and already are madly in love with all of the kids. 

Open Arms
Open Arms is a free day care.  The make sure kids of single parents have a place to go so that parents are not forced to take their children to orphanages.  We have many students from this amazing ministry in our classes.
CUMI Foundation
CUMI foundation is a small Christian rehab in the Guadalupe Valley.  They are solely a Mexican organization with no support from the US.  They have no web site or e-mail because they struggle so very much just to put food on the table.  If you would like information about them let us know.
Templo Elim Church

You can find Templo Elim Church on Facebook as they have no website.  This is our local home church.  We hold dance classes here and are on the worship team for Sunday services.  We charge about 50 cents per student for classes and 1 dollar for the program and the give all the money to the church for their bi-annual missions trip to Southern Mexico.

Traveling Tutus
This ministry is truly AMAZING! They donate about 70% of our dance attire and costumes. They take in gently used dance items and distribute them globally. 
Door of Faith
This orphanage is located here in our town.  We teach dance to a handful of girls from this orphanage.
Siloe Ministries
Siloe Ministries is the local free medical clinic.  They are hugely important to us and the community.  They take care of all of our medical needs and Dan works with them doing out patient care.
International Network of Hearts

INH is an orphanage / safe house/ restoration program that helps children that have been removed from human trafficking or sexual exploitation.  We also help out at various fundraisers and wherever else we might be needed.

International Sanctuary

The mission of International Sanctuary is to empower girls and women escaping human trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth. Once a week we travel to Tijuana to their work space and teach dance to the women that work at this amazing ministry.

Casa De Maria Skill Center
We really believe in what the Skill Center is all about. They have free classes for the community to learn new skills.  We teach music at this location.
S.O.W. Ministries
We don't work with SOW ministries but we love their heart!  They have spent the last few years learning the ropes of orphan care.  The do's and the don'ts and are in the process of building an orphanage.  We foresee working with them in the future.
Oregon Coast Dance Center
OCDC is the school Rachel owned before coming to Mexico.  They continue to support us here in Mexico in different ways.
Grace House Orphanage
Grace House.jpg
Grace House Orphanage is located in Tijuana and we teach music lessons there.
Santa Rosa Church
Santa Rosa is a small farming community in our area.  We teach guitar there and support the church whenever possible.