Music Needs

I have a constant need for picks and guitar strings and student size guitars. All of those things get used, broken, or taken quite quickly.  Many of the places we teach do not have instruments and so adult and child size guitars and piano keyboards to leave at these locations are always needed.  The cost of living here is about that of our hometown in the States, but it is perfectly located between all of the places I teach and and do street evangelism. Though we don't generally travel far, the cost of fuel can add up quickly as well! In order to stay in this area, we need good, regular support. 

Prayer:  Please pray for my classes, that the kids would keep coming and stay engaged. Pray for boldness as I go share the good news and for wisdom listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides me. Finally, pray for patience, that I might persevere and trust God when things seem overwhelming.  We are running a full time ministry out of a small two bedroom apartment and we would love prayer that God finds us the right place to purchase.  Loans are not a things here and we have been on the hunt for 6 years with no end in sight.

Dance Needs

We are always in need of dance attire.  This consists mostly of black leggings and black t-shirts but also pink tights and dance shoes.  We work with a couple of great organizations that supply us with most of the dance costumes we need.  Traveling Tutus and the Oregon Coast Dance Center have been incredibly supportive of us in this endeavor. However we still have to put out about $800 per show and we do three a year. In the long term, the church where we hold our twice-yearly programs needs updating.  It needs lighting, and sound equipment, we could also use barres in the kitchen where we hold classes.  Consider coming to the mission field with your group to upgrade our dance space and performance area.  As always, we are in need of steady financial funding in order to stay in this community. The cost of living here is not that different from a small town in the states.  Below is an amazon list of things we need for class.



Prayer:  I always appreciate prayer for opportunities to share the gospel. I also love prayer for patience with the children that are difficult, the children we work with come from such broken places it can be difficult when 10 of them are in the same room all having a hard day.  We travel a lot and I always appreciate prayer for travel mercies.

Other Ministry

While the arts is our main focus, one can't live in a third world country and not see need all around you. We have a few other ministries we do that requires a needs list and we would like to share with you some of the other things we are passionate about.

Dan is a gifted evangelist.  He often takes ot the streets with his guitar and a few small backpacks with some basic necessities inside.  He shares the gospel and often talks to people living on the streets.  The necessities bags are for the many people he meets that have nothing.  They include travel size toiletries, a tract, small Bible, a little food, a new pair of socks and a space blanket.

Both Dan and I (Rachel) are both Christian counselors.  We are passionate about mental health care, and family counseling.  We see both Spanish speakers and English speakers and have books for both that we like to give out.  We see people online and in our home.

What happens to the orphans we all care about when they grow up?  Often they do amazing but often coming form broken homes they end up in a bad way.  We are passionate about supporting christian rehab centers.  One in particular you will find our our "ministry friends" page.  We bring them food and money every month.  We love being able to support places that use Jesus as the ultimate way to heal.

Dan is a retired nurses aid and so we are connected with the local clinic (also listed on our ministry friends page).  Dan does house calls to check on patients that the clinic asks him to check on.

We are passionate about hospitality.  We host people in our homes often each week and on occasion over multiple days.  

If you are an artist or a group of preforming artists please consider coming to La Mision on a short trip.  Our students have no frame of reference for good live theater and we would love to change that.  The only way that will happen is if people come to show them what live theater can really look like.  Dancers, musicians, painters, singers, actors.  Consider coming and showing our kids how amazing they could be.  The trip is very cheap and we can help you every step of the way to set it all up.

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